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Snow Storms and Blizzards with Cold Weather How to stay Warm, Safe, and Healthy in your home.

The Winter is going to test your home and you to see if you have prepared for the worst case scenario this year. So here are a few tips for you to explore for your home.

  1. Can you save money by using small Ceramic heaters in your home? Many people are finding during the super cold nights they can run a couple of small heaters and save hundreds of dollars over running the whole house HVAC (Furnace).
  2.  Can you use a pellet or corn burning stove to warm your house and save money? Another idea for alternative renewable energy for your home burns clean and is very cost effective in some cases.
  3. Do not try and shovel snow like a college champion athlete!  So you could do it by hand but maybe it is time to call in a favor or hire the neighbor kid to scoop for you. Just saying they need some game money and you will enjoy not dealing with the back pain!
  4. Fire alarms should be checked to make sure they detect smoke by using a candle light it and blow it out place fire alarm in the smoke of the candle. Smoke alarms should be replaced every 10 years as the sensors go out of them.
  5. Check the seals on your doors as they will wear out and are easy to replace in most cases.
  6. From all of us at Prestige Construction have a safe and happy Holiday Season.


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